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What’s in my Camera Bag? Dog Photographer Edition

Haven’t you been wondering?

I actually get this question a lot. “What camera do you use? Which lenses? Is there something in there that makes the dogs sit still?!”

I’ve also noticed that there’s this trendy thing that photographers do — a “What’s in my Camera Bag?” post or video.

I thought it was the best idea. Then I laughed out loud thinking about what is actually in my camera bag.

Here’s an example of one such post from a fashion photographer in Australia:

And this one in New York (note: normal),

Which Sony Alpha is your favorite? #MyCameraBag #305 by @digitalrev

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Then there’s my bag.

My bag is full of pretend hamburgers and unicorn headbands.

Yes, a unicorn headband.

This is infinitely weirder than the collection I used to bring along on my wedding photography ventures, but it’s also much more entertaining for me to open up my bag every day.

It’s also hilarious when I inadvertently set off a squeaker in a professional setting.

So, in case you were actually wondering what a pet photographer might carry around in that giant bag of theirs, here’s what I might have on any given day:

Canon 5D Mark ii
Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime (I use this one pretty much exclusively, it’s my favorite..)
Canon 17-40mm f/4 wide angle (to bring in the scenery)
Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro (for teeny animals or close-ups)
Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 telephoto (when they need their space)
Canine carryouts (you need ’em)
Milk bones (obviously)
Squeaky hamburger (for comedy)
Squeaker (removed from a larger toy, it’s easier to carry around this way!)
Dog sunglasses 

Not pictured:
Backup battery
Backup memory cards
Q-tips + cleaning cloth (dogs like to play in mud, flail, etc)

I should probably add that the majority of these fashionable accessories are used to snaz up shelter dogs in hopes that they’ll get adopted more quickly. However, I’m always up for bringing them along on my sessions!

I will likely do a Q+A or pet photography tips post in the near future, but if you ever have questions, you’re welcome to send me a note!

Love and milk bones,

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