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For Animal People, With Love

I know you — you’re an animal person.

You’ve been slobbered on, peed on, and woken up at 4:30AM (every day for the last 8 years).  You proudly strut through parks carrying poop bags.

And you don’t even mind. Your animals are your kids.

You plan your mornings, lunch breaks, and vacations around them.

You feed them better than you feed yourself. You buy them luxurious memory foam beds that they sleep next to.

They’re your closest confidant, your 24/7 comedian, your pillow to cry into, your adventure buddy. They’re the only one that will still want to snuggle with you when you’re grumpy.

They make you feel better after a long day. They listen. They give you endless kisses. They run in circles, keep you safe from the mailman, and sit on your head when you’re trying to sleep.

They are perfect in all of their weirdness. They are irreplaceable. And you wish you could hold onto them forever.

I feel ya.

I’ve been the vet tech at the hospital crying with you when you say goodbye. I’ve had to say my own goodbyes. Those are the some of the hardest goodbyes of our lives.

That’s why I do this. I want you to have the sweet reminders of the way they looked at you, the way their tail wagged, that wayward droopy ear with a mind of its own. I want you to be able to hold onto them forever.

I’m here if you decide to capture some moments with your furry kiddo — or if you just want to talk about how much you love them.

You can reach me through the contact form below or at I can’t wait to meet you.

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