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I’m the Life of the Party | Meet Savage

Savage is certainly anything but. What a character, this guy.

His matchmaker profile reads:

Adventurous (and hilarious) handsome male seeking new companion for a lifetime of shenanigans. College graduate (#valedogtorian #classof2017). Well-known for painfully good looks and outstanding personality.

“This is my graduation photo. I don’t mean to brag but I feel like I look pretty stunning.”

“My major? …Milk bones.”

“I take everything very seriously.”

“Just kidding I don’t take anything seriously. I’m a dog.”

“I’ve been told I’m the life of the party.”

“I feel like this hat… it doesn’t quite work with my frame…”

“Here are some additional poses to showcase my handsome.”

“Grab a photo that will highlight my dazzling and radiant smile.”

It’s your lucky day — Savage is up for adoption! Stop in at Bangor Humane Society to set up a first date.

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