Project Matchmaker Up for Adoption

I’m Younger Than I Look | Meet Reese

You are sure to love this goofball! He’s super sweet and a very good listener.

His matchmaker profile reads:

I’m a fun-loving fellow that will work for snacks. My friends tell me I look older than I really am — I personally think the white hair makes me look distinguished. I’m seeking a loyal companion that will love me forever. I would also appreciate some milk bones.

“Make sure to get my good side for my profile photo.”

“This is my serious face.”

“I thought you might have just mentioned snacks.”

“I don’t even need to wear these, but they make me look trendy.”

“I’m so cute it’s ridiculous.”

“I’ll get extra close to the camera so you can see how good I look.”

 Its your lucky day, Reese is up for adoption! Find him at Bangor Humane Society!

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