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Born to be Wild (But Also Loves to Snuggle) | Meet Roscoe

Look at this handsome guy! He’s a 5-year old terrier mix that loves a good zoomy but also enjoys a snuggle. He would be perfect for someone that loves to adventure (hiking, long walks, etc.)! He loves running around obstacles and jumping over things. Watching him leap through the air (quite gazelle-like, really) will make your life complete.

His matchmaker profile reads:

Active male with excellent physique seeks lifelong adventurous companion. Priority to companions that allow zoomies around the yard. Priority to companions that will let me smell things on my walks (I like to smell things). Would appreciate companion that will be impressed by my fancy footwork.

“This is me, in a nutshell. Note my ears flapping ethereally in the breeze.”

“I’d like to do a runway walk to show off my muscular physique.”

“I heard the one-eared look was a new trend, so I’ve been trying it out…”

“This is my fancy pose (note fancy paw).”

“Look how cute I am!”

It’s your lucky day — Roscoe is up for adoption and he’s ready for an adventure! Stop in at Bangor Humane Society to set up your first date.

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