On the Farm

Peace Ridge Sanctuary

I made a trip out to the insanely beautiful Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Brooks last week and I must say, it was extremely hard to leave!

“Peace Ridge was founded in 2001 in order to address animal cruelty, neglect and exploitation, and to promote vegan ethics in New England. We advocate for all animals — farmed animals, domestic companion animals, and wildlife.” (Visit their site to learn more here!)

I felt right at home with the roughly 240 rescued farm animals and especially fell in love with this sweet little calf who was happily frolicking around me all evening:

The donkeys were adorable and seemed to genuinely enjoy modeling:

Look at this beauty!

Lots of birds, too!

The founder’s daughter was super sweet and showed me all around the sanctuary!

“Here’s my nose.”

“Look how fancy we are!”

This is “Dream.” What an appropriate name!

Thank you, Daniella (and your staff!) for all you do for these animals. I can’t wait to visit again!

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