About Sammy

Welcome! I’m Sammy, a photographer on a mission to show animals in their best light.

I mainly photograph pets (and their humans), shelter animals, and wildlife. I also photograph animal-focused events and fundraisers and assist with photography for press releases, design projects and reports. Contact me if you have a session or project in mind!

My background:

With animals

I’ve been working with animals nearly my entire adult life, and I think nothing of getting jumped on, slobbered on, or peed on (so you don’t need to worry!). In fact, I generally expect that to happen. I worked in a veterinary clinic as a Veterinary Assistant for 3 years, and in an animal shelter as an Adoption Counselor for 2. Over the past decade, I’ve volunteered with everything from sea turtles to manatees to elephants. I’m currently working with Bangor Humane Society and Kennebec Valley Humane Society, plus other shelters and rescues as needed. I also help promote animal welfare through writing and social media. To say I love animals would be an understatement.

With a camera

I picked up a camera in high school (back in the days of the dark room, circa 2000) and haven’t put it down much since. I started out capturing weddings
and families, but eventually decided to focus on animal welfare and wildlife conservation. I’ve helped numerous organizations with photography for media and fundraising, and even served as an official “manatee photographer” through an internship with Florida Fish & Wildlife. After losing my rescue dog Sadie in 2017, I realized how much better I felt just having her picture to look at each day. Now, my mission is to provide owners with beautiful images of themselves with their pets (or just their pets!) to treasure for life, and to help get as many shelter animals adopted as possible.

In a nutshell:

I love animals (obviously), traveling, iced coffee, laughing at myself, and foreign accents. I see the good in things. I encourage spontaneous dance parties and singing really badly while driving. I want to rescue every homeless animal on the planet. I have 2 ridiculously adorable rescue dogs and 2 foster elephants. And I can’t wait to meet you! Get in touch here.

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